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Cold Case Flipboard Posting By Defrosting Cold Cases

Cold Case Flipboard

cold case flip boardMy friends at M-Vac Systems have made a flipboard of cold cases, check here.

The M-Vac System enables investigators to solve more crime through better DNA collection. It helps detectives and crime scene investigators close difficult open and cold cases.  For example, the M-Vac found probative DNA on a cold case victim’s water soaked clothing, allowing the case to move forward.

The M-Vac wet-vacuum system collects more forensic DNA material from the evidence than traditional methods. It sprays down and vacuums up a sterile solution from the evidence surface collecting the DNA material. Better collection equals better DNA profiles and profiles that could not be obtained before. It means more cases are being solved and detectives are moving forward both cold and active cases.

An example is the case of Krystal Beslanowitch that was featured here. You can see the M-Vac in action here.

The M-Vac was invented by Dr Bruce Bradley, a microbiologist who ran a small service lab in Southern Idaho. Bruce was Jared’s father. Bruce passed away in 2009.

The M-Vac can be used in cases of assault where swabbing and taping did not render any results.

The beauty of this system is that it can be used to help advance cold cases. However, it can also test pre-conviction evidence in wrongful conviction cases and help address miscarriages of justice.

I asked CEO Jared Bradley what kind of surfaces can be vacuumed. He said any surface, including stainless steel, plastic, rough masonite, carpet, floor tiles, product surfaces, fabric, animal hides, vegetable and meat surfaces, and many others. It can scan meat for e-coli and fruit for salmonella!

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