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M-Vac Systems Takes Wet-Vacuum Collection to Ravens Challenge ASEAN

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5-9 September 2016, M-Vac Systems will participate in Ravens Challenge ASEAN. 

The M-Vac System is the premier tool for forensic DNA collection and is helping solve crimes in China, Russia, the Middle East, South Africa, and all over the United States. It is being tested and/or validated in South Korea, Indonesia, the UK, Australia and others. DNA material, pathogenic bacteria and viruses as well as drug residues are all areas where the M-Vac can effectively collect up to 200X more than the traditional methods of swabbing, taping, scraping or cutting. At Ravens Challenge the M-Vac will be tested in its ability to collect DNA material from exploded ordinance, cloth and fabric items used to transport explosive devices and potentially to collect explosive residues from a variety of surfaces.

RAVENS CHALLENGE™ has been described as the “Super Bowl” of EOD and C-IED events. Combining multi-jurisdictional, multi-service, and multi-national EOD teams and C-IED professionals together in a multi day event. Unlike any other event, RAVENS CHALLENGE allows EOD teams to try their hand and realistic IED scenarios with functional training aids that replicate real world IED incidents. Commanders can select from the “menu” of IED incident types to complete and / or facilitate their training requirements for that cycle. From Large Vehicle Born IEDs to Hostage Rescue Scenarios and everything in between, Ravens Challenge facilitates the difficult training that most units do not have the time and or budget to complete on their own. The scenarios are compatible with the US Army’s Team Leader and other certification and revalidation programs.

RAVENS CHALLENGE also brings the supporting agencies and departments to the multi day event. Each device has been made by one of multiple “bomb makers” to allow for a program that exercises and validates the forensic collection, analysis, and reporting, further strengthening the C-IED program and interoperability training for EOD units with Forensics and Bomb Data Center programs. K-9, SWAT, and HAZMAT scenarios also facilitate interoperability between EOD teams for a variety of incidents involving those support elements.

RAVENS CHALLENGE also has vendor demonstrations and evaluation opportunities. Teams can both watch vendor demonstrations, and have the rare ability to utilize various new equipment while conducting the IED lanes training allowing a unique opportunity to evaluate potential purchases.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations* Ravens Challenge event is in Hua Hin, Thailand and is officially endorsed by the Certified Counter Terrorism Practioner (CCTP).  Over 1,000+ attendees are expected from at least 9 countries and from a multitude of military, law enforcement and specialty forces.

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