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M-Vac Forensic DNA Collection System by Lisa Busjahn

The M-Vac System enables investigators to solve more crime through better DNA collection. It opens doors by collecting DNA from porous and rough evidence.  It helps detectives and CSI move cases forward. For example, the M-Vac collected probative DNA on a cold case victim’s water soaked clothing.

We all know that even the best DNA processing equipment cannot amplify DNA that is not recovered in the sampling or collection process.  The M-Vac® helps by simply collecting more DNA.

What if traditional collection methods have already been used on an item?  The M-Vac® is a valuable tool in those scenarios and can often result in conclusive profiles even after traditional methods have been used and yielded inconclusive partials. It gives cases a second chance.

For example, in an independent verification, after swabbing a saliva stain on cotton fabric, the M-Vac® was still able to collect 22X more saliva DNA.  This shows that not only does the swab leave a significant amount of DNA material behind, but also that the M-Vac® System is much more capable of collecting DNA material from porous surfaces.

The M-Vac® System is also known as a wet-vacuum sampling device, a vacuum-assisted instrument, a forensics vacuum, a DNA recovery system and other descriptive terms in literature and news articles.  The M-Vac®System is also effective in sampling meat or produce for pathogens, checking environments for bacteria contamination and assuring the absence of bio-hazards in bio-defense.


The M-vac has been extensively tested by M-Vac Systems, universities, law enforcement agencies, labs and other companies. Validations for forensic industry are listed below.


Formula Forensic Solutions, L.L.C. is a independent consulting company and distributor  for forensic products and training.  We are proud to carry the M-Vac Forensic DNA Collection System in our line of offerings.  

For more information please contact Lisa Busjahn at or call 844-428-7524.  


This is a reposting of the original article Lisa posted on LinkedIn.  To see that article click here.

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