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M-Vac Systems Helps Broward County Sheriff With Critical Cases

Jared Bradley and the M-Vac System…they go hand-in-hand. We were in a very tough position during two ongoing murder investigations and had used every technique available to us at that specific time. We reached out to Jared and asked for his professional help with the M-Vac and his technical expertise for training purposes.
Mr. Bradley went out of his way to clear his schedule as he arranged a flight to Fort Lauderdale sending forward the M-Vac and the needed supplies. We assembled a select group of detectives and Jared trained our personnel in the operational use of the M-Vac and the collection of DNA using his equipment.
Jared then remained on site in our processing lab and was our technical leader as we worked actual evidence from both murder cases. We could not have done any of this advanced forensic processing without Jared Bradley. His commitment to extend the highest level of service to his clients became obvious.
Both cases were solved as we obtained positive results from the analysis of the M-Vac collections. These positive results forensically substantiated the investigative findings of our first ongoing case; clearing an individual from any further suspicion with the M-Vac results at the same time a previous contact swab finally revealed the killer.
The status in our other unsolved case was an investigation that was stalled and the use of M-Vac was out last hope. We had used every forensic method possible to that point to obtain a DNA profile. The M-Vac results lead to a profile of the killer and our murderer was apprehended.
Jared worked with our agency and developed a positive vendor relationship. He worked with us on an additional complicated forensic investigation several months later, all while we developed a strategy securing the purchase of an M-Vac System.
Jared Bradly is a true professional with a strong commitment in his support of the forensic sciences and law enforcement.

Sergeant Stewart Mosher
Broward Sheriff’s Office
Criminal Investigations – Crime Scene Unit
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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