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Filtering and Processing the M-Vac Sample

The following is a method that was used by researchers at UC Davis to transfer the sample from the M-Vac collection bottle to the filter.  Their research was focused on touch DNA collection, so transfer was very important.  They did a few preliminary tests to find an efficient transfer method.  This method resulted in the best yields.  The yields were significantly better than simply swirling the bottle and pouring it through, but UC Davis, who is looking to publish this procedure, has not released us to share the specific data.  Here is the procedure.

  • With the vacuum applied to the concentration filter, the collection bottle is swirled to help suspend the cells and the bottle is slowly poured through the filter
  • The vacuum is turned OFF, the filtrate collection bottle is removed and the filtrate solution is poured back into the original collection bottle
  • Things are reconnected and the vacuum is turned back ON, the collection bottle is swirled again and poured through the filter
  • This is repeated three times

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