M-Vac System Could Help Solve Zodiac Killings

Does DNA help solve the Zodiac Killings? Link Cheri Jo Bates to the Zodiac? It started when Ken, Sal and Suzanna used the M-Vac on the 1966 evidence and collected DNA they couldn’t get before! Here’s an amazing preview of tomorrow night’s Episode 5.



A Mid Season Review of The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer on the History Channel

Notes From The Bunker

Zodiac Series

I came into this with a lot of apprehension.  I mean, this IS the History Channel.  How they have covered true crime in the past has been fair to good, but they also back projects like Hunting for Hitler which was a bizarre waste of viewing time.  What compelled me to watch was that fellow true crime author Ken Mains was involved.  We write for the same publisher (Wild Blue Press) and I loved his book on cold cases, Unsolved No More.  His involvement meant there might be hope for this series.

I was not disappointed.

Mains and retired LAPD homicide detective, Sal LaBarbera host the show and have come at Zodiac from a completely different angle than I expected.  They are targeting those crimes that Zodiac claimed credit for beyond the ones he was confirmed to have been involved with.  This is proving an awesome approach.  It means…

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