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M-Vac Systems Teams Up With Lynn Peavey Company to Market Forensic DNA Collection System


M-Vac Systems has entered into a distribution agreement with Lynn Peavey Company, a Lenexa, Kansas based forensic supply company.  Lynn Peavey will be carrying the M-=Vac System and its consumables, marketing the forensic DNA collection system to its customers in both the federal and local governments.  The M-Vac should be available on the Lynn Peavey GSA schedule soon.

This is a quote from the Lynn Peavey website:

“You want the long version or the short one?”         peaveybuilding

O.K. O.K. Just the basics.

Let’s see. 65 years in biz, successful family company, lots of people dedicated to making the best, most innovative products for the forensic/laboratory markets.

Worldwide scope, we make stuff…no…we make really cool stuff.

For police departments and lab technicians as well as teachers and the military. We are headquartered right smack dab in the middle of the country, but have sales offices worldwide.

Back to the really cool stuff…Fingerprint powder, brushes, labels and tapes, every type of evidence container known, forensic lights, narcotics identification, biohazard supplies and all sorts of kits, kits and more kits. We even provide training for a jillion topics related to crime scene investigation.

We also understand a thing or two about logistics. We can get your orders made, out the door, on time and in your hands. And if you have a problem or if you just like to chew the fat, we have a special team who can do that too.

That’s us in a nutshell. Pretty cool story if you ask us…but then again…that’s the short story.


For more information on Lynn Peavey click here.

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